B2B Dealings

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B2B Dealings

While the B2B dig’tal market space is not saturated as its direct-to-consumer counterpart, it is still competitive. In fact the lack of a dominant marketplace makes the 82B sector more fragmented and in a way more challenging.

The software solutions that an organization deploys to handle its B2B interactions have to not on y be as responsive as their B2C counterpart they need to be able to handle long lead times.

GoMarkho’s custom-built solutions not only provide for your product a perfect staging environment but also give a 24/7 optimal user experience that is accessible to B2B decision makers on a variety of platforms and devices.

BigCommerce Portals

Account management

Lead generation

Sales tracking

Marketing tools

Email tracking

Vendor portals

Mobile App development

Contract Management Systems

Order Management Systems

Front-to-back solutions

Billing and Invoicing software

CRM solutions

Reporting tools

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