Business Operations

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Business Operations

In a successful business, organizational functions like supply chain management, human resource management, finance, business development, quality control etc. run independently and together in perfect harmony to create high efficiency.

Internal operations of an organization are unqiue and complex and therefore the software systems that play a key role in managing these systems have to be tailored to that specific process in order to be truly useful.

GoMarkho’s custom software solutions help organizations take charge of their internal operations including talent acquisition, project management, quality assurance, facilities planning, production planning and inventory control.

Procurernent management systems

ERP systems

SCM systems

Financial management

HR onboarding software

Project management software

Task management software

Industry-specific solutions

Collaboration systems

Team management systems

Marketing management tools

Business Intelligence tools

Document management systems

Field staff management systems

Sales tracking software

Asset management software

Attendance tracking systems

Ticketing Support Systems