IVR Solutions

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IVR Solutions

Interactive Voice Response Solutions are intelligent enterprise solutions can interact with humans either through a telephone keypad or through speech recognition.

These solutions help organizations enhance their customer service experience without any huge investments into infrastructure and human resources.

GoMarkho’s modern and sophisticated IVR Solutions can not only respond to users with pre-recorded audio messages but can also provide greater personalization by dynamically generating audio in response to a particular query.

Voice broadcasting system can seemlessly transition from A1 to human for a more personalized experience.

Key Features

Easy Setup and Access

No special hardware needed

Remote access

Remote Access to IVR application from any computer

Remote deployment for IVR applications

Supports pre-recorded audio files

Records user information into CRM automatically

Survey system

Real-time and historical reports

Built-in support for Java programs and libraries

Create call-in surveys

Calendar integration

Web, Email, CRM, Phone Connectivity

Simultaneous handling of multiple calls

Call Center Software integration

Easy to modify holidays and hours

Built-in support for HTTP protocol for website integration

Scalable up to over 1000 phone lines/channels